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    We open for the 2016 Christmas Season on November 25th!

    Cut it, Shake it and Take it! Directions


To A Brighter 2017!

This season has brought many familiar faces out to the farm as well as new visitors. Thank you all for making my year a much brighter one. I’ve been thankful for all who have been patient with our temporary adjustment …

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Heart to Heart

In May 2016, I had a heart surgery to repair 2 valves in my heart. I didn’t plan on this, but who does? I’m thankful to be alive and able to continue the work I love to do, caring for …


Choose the right tree

So, whats the difference? Scotch Pine – most common Christmas tree; stiff branches; stiff, dark green needles one inch long; holds needles for four weeks; needles will stay on even when dry; has open appearance and more room for ornaments; keeps aroma …