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    2014 was a great year! Lots of new friends and awesome old friends who have been with us since the beginning.

    Cut it, Shake it and Take it! Directions

Happy 2015 see you after Thanksgiving!

A little closer to Christmas but still plenty of time to get a tree. The weather is supposed to be pretty decent so grab the kids and the dog and come out to the farm. Last weekend was one of …


Happy New Year and thank you for your support

Can you believe it is already that time again, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you out at the farm. We have plenty of trees and as always they look beautiful after a great …


Choose the right tree

So, whats the difference? Scotch Pine – most common Christmas tree; stiff branches; stiff, dark green needles one inch long; holds needles for four weeks; needles will stay on even when dry; has open appearance and more room for ornaments; keeps aroma …